CentOS 4 repos back online

CentOS 4 has been EOL since March 2012.  As there is no upgrade path from 4 to 5, many of you may still be running CentOS 4 systems.

At the time of the EOL announcement, the yum repository for CentOS 4 was shutdown.  This meant that if you still needed to update packages that were recently updated in the repo, you were out of luck.

The CentOS 4 team announced that the repository has been re-enabled for people that absolutely need their CentOS 4 machine running (PLEASE UPGRADE IF YOU DON’T!).  You can re-enable the repository by downloading this file here, placing it in your /etc/yum.repos.d/ directory, and replacing the one that exists there now.

Again, PLEASE UPGRADE TO CENTOS 5 or CENTOS 6 IF YOU DON’T NEED A CENTOS 4 MACHINE RUNNING.  This news is great for people that are still migrating off of CentOS 4 or need that C4 machine as it contains many recent critical updates.  For example, recent OpenSSL vulnerability patches.

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