Fedora 17 Released

Notable Changes


  • New controversial filesystem structure changes (/lib//lib64//bin/, and /sbin/ directories have been removed and are now under /usr/)
  • EXT4 now support filesystems larger than 16TB
  • Removable disks are no longer mounted under /media/, but instead under/run/media/$USER/

Linux Kernel:

  • Linux 3.3.4
  • Better power support for Sandy Bridge


  • Updated KVM version
  • New sandbox feature that allows applications to be isolated.
  • KVM management client (virt-manager) now supports USB-passthrough to attach things like USB external hard drives to virtual machines.
  • Multilayer virtual switch (Open vSwitch)
  • Better disk emulation

Release notes

You can also read more about the changes in Fedora 17 at this great H-Online article.

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