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Activate network interface on system boot

If you find that your ethernet networking device is not activating on system boot, you can configure the device to be enabled at boot by performing the following – List your ethernet interface nmcli dev Enable boot activation on the … Continue reading

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DCCP Linux Kernel local privilege escalation vulnerability (CVE-2017-6074)

A vulnerability has been found in the DCCP Linux kernel module which allows a local, unprivileged user to escalate privileges on a Linux system. DCCP is used to manage network traffic congestion in the application layer. This issue affects Red … Continue reading

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CentOS 6.8 Released

Along with the release of RHEL 6.8, the CentOS team have announced the availability of CentOS 6.8. You can read the Release Notes here.

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CentOS 6.3 Released

CentOS has released version 6.3 of their rebuild of the Red Hat enterprise Linux distribution.  This release announcement should be a surprise to most users, as the CentOS team was able to rebuild RHEL 6.3 for CentOS release in under 3 weeks!  Good work guys and … Continue reading

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