Getting started with AWS – Creating a CentOS 6 server (EC2)


Select top left menu Services > Compute > EC2AWS 1

Under “Create Instance”, select “Launch Instance”AWS 2

Go to “AWS Marketplace”  and search for “centos”. Select “CentOS 6 (x86_64) – with Updates HVM”


Choose an instance type. t2.micro is a good, cheap option to start out or use for basic testing. You can easily upgrade later on. Click “Review and Launch” on the bottom right.


You will now see a review screen of your EC2 server. You can provision the server from here by clicking “Launch”.


You will be asked to generate an SSH key to use to connect to your new EC2 server. AWS 6

You can now use this SSH key to connect to your server with the dynamic public IP address listed in your account under “Instances”.

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